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Every day in the United States, a family struggles to pay their water bill.

See what happens when families can't afford their water bill, but people like you show up to help.

You have the power to be someone's miracle.

Your donation makes sure someone has running water in their home.

“I decided to give monthly because we have to do something. We shouldn't wait if we can help someone today. I can help somebody immediately and I don't take a huge hit in my budget.”

Lisa Q. F., San Francisco, CA.

“I thank God for those people.”

Larry W. lived without water for two months in Detroit during chemotherapy before he found The Human Utility.

You'll be in great company.

Kind words from a few of over 4,000 donors who believe water is a human right.

Want to know more?

A few of the most common questions we're asked in doing this work.

Who created the The Human Utility?

This project came from a discussion on Twitter between @tiffani and other Black women on Twitter who wanted to find a way to help people in Detroit with affording their water bills. Tiffani is an alumna of the program that invested in some of Silicon Valley's most prestigious and successful companies, but chose, instead, to use her technology talents to give back rather than work at a giant technology company.

Dignity is a human right.

What was the main influence for starting this initiative?

We wanted to provide immediate relief to Detroit residents. Many groups and crowdfunding campaigns existed, but we wanted to help faster than those.

Generally, crowdfunders must raise the entire goal before receiving funds, which isn't good for providing immediate relief. We also ensured donations went directly to the water company. Other campaigns couldn't guarantee this.

Is my donation tax deductible?


Can I contribute even though I live outside the United States?


Is there a minimum monthly donation amount?

The minimum amount is $5 per month.

What is the most common amount donated?

The most common amount donated online is $50.

Will I receive a receipt?

At the end of each calendar year, you'll receive a single tax receipt for your monthly donations. Receipts are normally sent at the end of January each year. Unless you request otherwise, we will send this receipt to the email address you used to sign up for monthly donations.

If you have not received your tax receipt, please contact us at donations@humanutility.org.