Selected Press

The Human Utility has been covered in hundreds of articles, but these are some of our favorites.

The Detroit News

Opinion: Fix the Damn Shutoffs - 2.19.2020

The New York Times

Some Things About Tech Were Good in 2017. No, Really. - 12.27.2017

Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter

How to Save a City Through a Website - 7.20.2016

Y Combinator's The Macro

Founder Stories: Detroit Water Project’s Tiffani Ashley Bell - 11.27.2015

Ebony Magazine

[THE UPLOAD] #DetroitWater Takes on Unpaid Bills Through Tech - 9.22.2015

CBS News

Welcome to summer: Your water is now turned off - 6.1.2015

The Baltimore Sun

Residents protest city's planned water shut-offs - 3.30.2015 Baltimore

Baltimore sends out 23,000 warnings: Pay your bill, or we’ll shut off your water - 3.27.2015

WDET 101.9fm

Detroit Water Project Pays Water Bills for 900 Families - 3.19.2015


The Detroit Water Project Connects Donors To Unpaid Water Bills - 3.18.2015 Baltimore

This platform helped poor Detroiters pay their water bills. Now it’s in Baltimore - 2.23.2015

National Geographic

In Detroit, Water Crisis Symbolizes Decline, and Hope - 8.22.2014

NPR: Here and Now

Detroit Water Project Brings Outside Support to Residents in Need - 07.31.2014


Direct Philanthropy' in Detroit: Funding Project Keeps the Water Flowing - 07.29.2014

MSNBC - Melissa Harris-Perry Show

Residents Lacking Water Get a Helping Hand - 07.26.2014

CNN Money

#DetroitWater campaign wants you to pay residents' past-due bills - 07.25.2014

USA Today

Twitter Campaign Tries to Keep Detroit Water Flowing - 07.25.2014

BET News

Here's How You Can Help Detroit Residents Turn On Their Water - 07.24.2014


Website Lets Donors Pay Detroit Residents' Overdue Water Bills - 07.24.2014

Washington Post

You Can Now Pay Someone's Delinquent Detroit Water Bill Online - 07.23.2014

Al Jazeera - The Stream

Detroit Residents Use Tech to Battle Water Shortages - 07.22.2014

CBS Detroit

Website Allows Donors To Pay Delinquent Bills, Save Detroiters From Water Shutoffs - 07.22.2014

WXYZ Detroit

New website to match anonymous donors with Detroiters who can't pay water bill - 07.22.2014

The Atlantic - CityLab

A New Site Allows You to Pay a Detroit Resident's Water Bill - 07.21.2014


Right Now, Someone in Detroit Can't Pay the Water Bill--That's Where You Come In - 07.21.2014

Deadline Detroit

Person to Person: Here's How to Help Detroiters With Unpaid Water Bills - 07.21.2014

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