Even a drop in the bucket makes a difference. Help turn the water back on.

Join the more than 10,000 people giving directly to turn it back on.

Donors have given over $180,000 for water bills for over 900 families in Detroit.

I need help paying my water bill

If you need assistance with your water bill, we'll try to help you get your account paid off. Apply below and call (313) 214-2129 (open 24 hours) for application status updates.

I want to help pay a water bill

If you want to donate money to help with a water bill, we'll match you with a family in need. You can give as little as $5 and don't have to pay an entire bill. 100% of your donation goes to a bill.

Over 100,000 Detroit residents face water shutoffs because of past due water bills.

You can help keep a family's water on.